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Chapters 2 & 3



Those with lives touched by Africa, Dedicated to those people spread throughout the world greeting the darkness each night with thoughts of another African sunset passing unseen by their eyes. Oh those African sunsets; Why did I let them go? Why does my day now pass to night unnoticed? Why does the daylight now leave each day without my wondrous gaze? Contents, Preface, Introduction, African politics, Basic definitions, Lessons to learn, countries and systems observed, Lessons from Nigeria, Lessons for Zimbabwe, Political model for Zimbabwe, Existing systems, Electoral systems, Majority-plurality systems, Proportional representation systems (PR), Semi-proportional systems, Southern Africa, Southern Africa’s proportional representation, Suitability of proportional representation, Southern Africa’s first-past-the-post, Suitability of FPTP, Southern Africa – FPTP and PR by country, There’s no such thing as a perfect solution