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Chapters 2 & 3



Zimbabwe – 2004, Zimbabwe’s early years, Guaranteed seats in parliament, Fleming College System model (FCS) – first step, Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, Mugabe, friend or foe, Zimbabwe – so close, Application of the FCS model, No pre-defined application method, Parliamentary structure / electoral model reliance, Two separate models, Greater choice, Needs of the voter, Applying FCS to a country such as Zimbabwe, Key parties, Effect of splitting the political model, Playing party politics, Identifying key parties, Key elements of the economy and society, Choosing and applying an electoral model, Open choice of electoral system model, Existing resources, Adapting or replacing, Applied electoral system, Applied FCS parliamentary system, Emergence and application of new political models, European Parliament (EP) – 2003, Healthy competition and opposition, Formal selection of ministers, Appointing a leader, Council of ministers, pplication of the FCS model is valid, Day One with or without the support of parliament, Political improvement with Day One, Day One without political improvement, Summary, Lessons to learn, Existing systems, Responsibilities of a nation, Systems that work, More suitable political model, Improved college system model (FCS), Africa is Africa, Zimbabwe so close, Zimbabwe’s hope, Application of the FCS, Day One with or without the support of parliament.